Day Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Dishes
Monday Breakfast Cereals with milk, water
Fruit breakfast*
Lunch Cabbage soup, mashed potatoes with fish sticks, salad (tomatoes, cucumber, radish, green herbs, salt, olive oil). Bread, juice/water.
Snack Cream Cheese, bread, juice/milk
Tuesday Breakfast Waffles with yogurt, juice/milk
Fruit breakfast*
Lunch Noodle soup with chicken, buckwheat with chicken burgers. Salad (cucumber with garlic, green herbs, salt, olive oil). Bread, juice/water.
Snack Cookies with milk, bananas, water
Wednesday Breakfast Wheatcream kasha. Juice/water
Fruit breakfast*
Lunch Wheatcream kasha. Soup with meatballs and salt cucumbers, sourcream. Mini pancakes with farmercheese. Juice/water.
Snack Cereal with milk.
Thursday Breakfast Oatmeal kasha, juice/water
Fruit breakfast*
Lunch Borcsh with sourcream, meatballs with rice and white sauce. Salad (tomatoes, cucumber, redish, green herbs, salt, oil). Bread, juice/water
Snack Cheees sticks, small carrots, milk
Friday Breakfast Omelette (eggs, milk) with bread. Juice/water
Fruit breakfast*
Lunch Soup with peas, ravioli with butter and sausages. Mixed vegetables, water/juice.
Snack Crackers, small carrots. Milk or juice
*Fruit breakfast includes bananas, apples, oranges, and/or watermelon (depending on season).
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